Friday, July 11, 2008

One brave boy deals with Diabetes

June, 2009
Saturday, June 13 was the kickoff for Family Teams planning to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation via the Walk to Cure Diabetes on September 26. What caught our attention was Executive Director Molly Naylor describing where JDRF has been sending our money. A one million dollar grant has been given to further the research on Smart Insulin - which is injected but remains inactive until it detects high blood sugar at which time it activates, releases enough insulin to restore a target range, and then becomes inactive again. Meanwhile, Miles has completed is best-ever year of school and is ready for a fun summer before 7th grade.

March, 2009: "You are what we call "one of a thousand points of light" This is what President George H.W. Bush said to Miles upon hearing of Miles' raising over $10,000 for JDRF last year. Miles and I had gone to the Bush library at Texas A&M to hear a lecture and meet the President.

November, 2008
Two common cancer drugs have been shown to both prevent and reverse type 1 diabetes in a mouse model of the disease, according to research conducted at the University of California, San Francisco. The drugs – imatinib (marketed as Gleevec) and sunitinib (marketed as Sutent) – were found to put type 1 diabetes into remission in 80 percent of the test mice and work permanently in 80 percent of those that go into remission.

THE HOUSTON WALK TO CURE DIABETES is history. For our team it was our tenth walk, as we mark ten years living with diabetes, (thus the "10" logo on our team shirts) and our team (the largest we've ever had) brought in over $10,000! This pic is of Miles with his skating buddy, Zach.

October, 2008
• SMILES FOR MILES was an awesome and wonderful evening with lots of good food, fun, music, comedy and magic, raffles and auctions, and when it was over, more than $8000 in donations.

September, 2008
Common plastic linked to Diabetes
• We're recovering from Hurricane Ike. See my blog "On the Tracks" for more reports.
• We are 16 days away from SMILES FOR MILES!

August, 2008
• The school year begins at a new school. Miles is at Creekwood Middle School. His general health is considerably improved over last year in almost every way. No doubt part of the improvement is due to the change in schools and part of it is due to a wonderful summer in which he literally vacationed coast to coast (Golden gate to Cape Cod). But there can also be no question that prayer has played a part in his improved health.

July, 2008
• Miles and his sister were at Camp Rainbow this week. Camp Rainbow is a diabetes day camp experience sponsored by the American Diabetes Association. Kids like Miles can’t go to most overnight camps because of their medical conditions, but Camp Rainbow is fully staffed by medical professionals and volunteers from Texas Medical Center. Miles began when he was only 4, and he has 2 more years before he hits 13, after which he can only go as a Junior counselor. ElenaClaire went for years as junior counselor, then as junior medical staff. This year she was the senior medical staff for the 12 and 13 year old group. Even though she’s only finished one year of college, she was the only one in that particular team of volunteers that has been to Camp Rainbow before, and besides that, of course, she’s been helping to care for a diabetic brother for 10 years. I call that the equivalent of a doctoral degree in pediatric diabetic care.

• As we get ready for a family vacation to California, we're also preparing for SMILES FOR MILES, our annual fundraising event for JDRF. We're doing shirts again, this time in three colors, and here's the design:

That's the front on the left, designed like a football jersey, the "10" representing 10 years living with diabetes, 10 years walking for a cure. The back, on the right, will have up to 20 sponsors listed underneath the website and dates.

June, 2008
• Miles is no longer an elementary school kid. Miles graduated from the 5th grade and said good bye to Bear Branch, anticipating the 6th grade at Creekwood Middle School. Thank you Bear Branch. Thank you Lisa Philbin, his school nurse for the past 6 years.
May, 2008

• Here's Miles' image from the promotional materials from Accu-Chek's Spirit insulin pump.

April, 2008
• Miles is doing better in almost every measurable and intuitional respect. He is growing in height and weight; we are seeing healthier glucose numbers; emotionally and attitudinally he is improving; his schoolwork seems to be moving forward in a positive way; he is growing in relational skills, and he is excited about the approach of summer (obviously) and beginning middle school. And we're halfway through Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, our nighttime reading, which we're loving.
• As we move through April, we are beginning to plan SMILES FOR MILES 2008, the cornerstone of our annual funraiser for JDRF. This will be our tenth year raising money to find a cure for this disease. Our targeted goal is $10,000.
March, 2008
3/14/08 Yesterday we received a rough mix copy of the DVD produced by Accu-Chek, which features some eight or nine pump users (including Miles) talking about their experiences with the insulin pump. The production crew did an outstanding job.
February, 2008
• Miles and his Mom travelled from Kingwood TX to Indianapolis, IN as the guests of Disetronic, the manufacturers of his insulin pump. For several years, largely unknown to us, Miles has been "the face" of Disetronic pump users - an icon representing each user, reminding employees that everything they do on the job impacts the quality of life of the end user. On this trip Alicia and Miles got to personally thank many of those employees. They were also filmed for a DVD coming out this spring, telling the story of how the pump has improved his life. Read more about Miles and his pump here and see the pictures from their trip here.
• Miles was featured on KFBK Radio's "Webslinger" on January 17. (Listen to the spot)
Mongenic diabetes - read the story of a little girl, diagnosed with diabetes at one month of age, who is now living an insulin-free life for the first time in her life.

January, 2008
In early January, Miles took a meeting with Congressman Ted Poe (Pictures below). The Congressman has been very supportive of JDRF. This meeting was just to say "Thank You" and to keep him aware of issues of concern to diabetic children and adults and their families.